Implementation of Distance Learning for Problem Based Learning sessions for Pharmacy Students.

Students, PharmD (2020-03-18)

On the Morning of the 16th of March 2020, first year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy organized a debriefing session for the first week of the third educational block entitled “General Basic Sciences”. The attendance rate of the students exceeded the 84%, and the session was implemented using the Zoom program which was held separately for each group of 12 students and their tutor. Students were able to discuss the objectives of the first week of block III over a period of two hours in the presence of their tutors. Each student provided explanation to the objectives using different methods prepared by the student before the session where his/her colleagues participated and responded to it through the Zoom interface. This is the first experience to implement a full remote PBL session, and it has been extremely successful thanks to the efforts done by the students and the entire Faculty of Pharmacy team.


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