Professional Stage PharmD Students Continue their Lessons Remotely using the Curriculum Educational System

Students, PharmD (2020-03-25)

Students of the third and fourth year at the Faculty of Pharmacy continue their studies remotely using the educational curriculum system where they performed a case application session. In this session, the students presented their analysis of the case that was discussed during the week accompanied by the proposed therapeutic solutions after following the steps and committing to the plans and guides for each case according to what they have learned during the academic year within the Pharmacotherapeutic classes. It is worth noting that the educational curriculum system is the learning method used by all students, faculty and tutors at the Faculty of Pharmacy where students use it to submit their weekly reports and assignment. Also, members of the faculty use it to upload the scientific materials presented in different forms and types so that all students can access them simultaneously. The tutors use the same system to communicate with students in the completion of interactive lessons and also to upload the grades of the continuous evaluation separately to each student.


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