Nuha Saleh Al-Qumati a Distinguished Pharmacy Student

AlQumati, Nuha (2020-04-01)

Nuha Saleh Al-Qumati a Distinguished Pharmacy Student Nuha Saleh Al-Qumati is a distinguished Pharmacy student who in a short period of time has completed a number of online training courses and obtained accredited certificates from international organizations. It is worth noting that Noha Al-Qemati is a third-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, and her training on the foundations of self-learning within the Faculty helped her complete these courses easily and in a short period time while continuing her remote studies of the twelfth educational block for the current academic year. Noha continues to attend the interactive educational sessions without delay and submit the required weekly reports according to the deadlines set by the Faculty administration. Moreover, she performs her weekly tests and provides answers to the weekly case applications and other weekly activities set for third year Pharmacy students.


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