Final years students at the Faculty of Pharmacy trained on how to successfully pass a job interview

Students, PharmD (2020-04-29)

In order to support fourth year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy to determine the type of work - within the specialty of pharmacy –that they wish to practice after graduation and to enable them to communicate and learn about what they may face outside the walls of the university after graduation and acquire distinct experiences, this program was organized in both its systematic and non-systematic aspects. Students filled employment applications that were directed to the concerned agencies, where the latter, after receiving all the required documents and according to predetermined dates, conducted personal interviews for students remotely and then responded to the students by e-mail to inform them of the final decisions. These agencies determined whether or not the job request was approved or declined. This program was highly appreciated by all concerned parties, especially students, who emphasized that this unique experience had benefited them and added to their experience.


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