Regular Meeting for Faculty of Pharmacy Council

Council, Faculty (2020-07-25)

Faculty of Pharmacy council met on the 6th of July 2020 at the headquarters of the Libyan International Medical University in Baloon, setting the following items: 1. A proposal to develop general regulations for study and examinations at the university 2. A proposal for the university's organizational regulations for voluntary work 3. Equivalence procedures for students affiliated to the Faculty from outside the university 4. The Electronic Library of students in the PharmD program 5. Approving the continuous evaluation scores for the Biostatistics course for fourth year students 6. Approving the results of the continuous evaluation of the fourteenth educational block for third year students 7. Discussing the results of student satisfaction with the final exams in the Arabic language, English language and mathematics courses, in addition to the satisfaction results of the first, fifth, ninth, tenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteen educational blocks. 8.Discuss the proposed programs for the virtual pharmacy and how they will be used to train and evaluate students instead of the summer training hours that students may lose as a result of the conditions accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, safe pharmacy simulation programs that can be used on the internet were discussed. These programs allow Pharmacy students to develops and practice the professional skills within a safe environment where the student is able to define best practices in dispensing prescription drugs in a pharmacy setting as well as applying communication techniques and exploring strategies for the safe dispensing of medications.


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