Second Year Students at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Vital Signs Measurement

Students, PharmD (2020-11-15)

The University's Clinical Skills Lab continues to train second-year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy on some basic clinical skills where they learned how to measure vital signs. The training included measuring vital signs, learning how to measure pressure with a pressure device, knowing and learning normal, high- and low-pressure measurements, learning how to measure temperature by a thermometer, learning how to measure heart rate and knowing the normal and high rates, and how to calculate the respiratory rate. The arrangement and organization of these training sessions considered all the precautionary measures to combat the Corona pandemic, such as reducing the number of students for each session, and their commitment to wearing a mask in order to ensure the safety of students and workers. The second-year cohort at the Faculty of Pharmacy includes 46 students, who are divided into 4 groups, and each group is distributed into smaller groups within the laboratory, in order to maintain the implementation of precautionary measures to combat the Corona pandemic (Covid-19). The Clinical Skills Laboratory aims to train students of various medical faculties on basic skills, in all academic stages prior to the clinical stage, by using advanced dolls as fake patients and preparing scenarios for actual cases that simulate the real situation in hospitals


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