Fifth Annual Meeting of the Curricula Advisory Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy

team, PharmD (2021-02-28)

Dr. Muhammad Saad Embarak, “President of the Libyan International Medical University”, opened the fifth annual meeting of the Curriculum Advisory Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Faculty Council on the 20th of February 2021. The president opened the meeting with a welcoming speech to the attendees, during which he commended the performance and important role of the committee during the years of establishing the PharmD program, as well as the performance of the Faculty of Pharmacy's work team and their great efforts for the success of the program. Dr. Mustafa Al-Fakhry, "Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research" participated in the meeting that was held virtually using ZOOM. He welcomed the attendees, stressing on the importance of finding opportunities for the program's outputs to find their way to the job market and wishing the committee members success in their meeting. The meeting, which lasted for nearly three hours, dealt with the following items: 1- Program report for the academic year 2019-2020 2- Clinical training for students of the Internship stage and virtual alternatives in light of the Corona pandemic. 3- Suggested evaluation methods for the inter-professional learning program. 4- The program’s final year students ’satisfaction with the overall performance of the program during their study period. 5. Comprehensive examination for students of the program, both theoretical and clinical. 6- The importance of teaching entrepreneurship within the program’s curricula. 7. Steps to conduct direct evaluation of the program’s objectives, in addition to the indirect evaluation that is currently being followed in the program. 8- Documenting plans to confront and mitigate the risks affecting the program.


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