An Investigation of the Next Generation Firewall

Ahmed Mohamed Elmatrdy, Mohamed (2021-03-09)


Having a network became a must no matter if it is a network for a company, collage, school, hospital……etc., with the network having all types of data flowing into and out of it there needs to be a tool to keep the internal network that has all the important files safe from the outside world. There are several tools that are used in network security and one of those famous tools is firewall which will this project will focus on. This project aims to compare the latest firewall technology with the traditional firewalls by diving into the history of firewall technologies all the way up to the next generation firewall and investigates the functionality of each technology and finally compare the next generation firewall with the traditional firewalls in terms of handling several types of attacks, controlling web applications and their management over users and policies which shows the major gap between the traditional and next generation firewalls when it comes to securing the network.

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