Effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors on health related quality of life in Libyan patients with hypertension

Habib, Hana A. ; . Alshami, Hiba A ; Boamoud, Esraa S. ; Tashani, Haneen A. ; Shalgami, Salsabil G. (2021-10-11)


Hypertension is a public health issue that significantly increases the risk of health problems and decreases health quality of life of the patients. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors are used to control hypertension by preventing production of angiotensin II in turn decrease blood pressure, thus it may enhance the quality of life. This study aims to assess the effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors on the quality of life of patients with hypertensive aging 40 years or older in Benghazi city in comparison with other classes of hypertension medications. A case control observational study was conducted, adopting the structured face-to-face interviewing survey technique. Over 150 patients who visited Benghazi medical center during the study period (November, 2019 to March, 2020), to follow up their chronic disease. The investigators used a pre-validated, pre-piloted questionnaire that has been adopted from SF 36 and modified according to the updated literature review; responses to each question were coded and analyzed. The results display that antihypertensive medications were found to be significantly related to the limitation on the physical activity domain and found that medications decrease the limitation on the activity with about 20% of the patients who taking angiotensin receptor blockers (20%) and 30% of the patients taking angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, 40% of the patients had no limitations on bending kneeling and stooping. Moreover, on the limitations on walking more than one kilometre, the results were about 15% of the patients taking angiotensin receptor blockers and 30% of the patients taking angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors had a slightly or no limitation on walking more than a kilometre. Thus, the findings indicate that antihypertensive medications have a positive effect on quality of life of the patient in limitation on activity domain but no conclusive difference was found between angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers medications.

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