Comparative Analysis between Three Open-source of Network Intrusion Detection System

H.Eljawhry, Duaa (2021-03-10)


Many companies offer IT services to the public. Most of those services must be protected. The amount of computer threats are increasing rapidly and many attacks can be generated. Companies that can buy expensive security tools to protect their information may not face any problems. Nevertheless the problem with the companies that do not have the budget to buy expensive security tools. An open-source tools gives the ability to those companies that do not have the resources or the budget to buy expensive security tools, to have a protector to secure its information, where it is available free of cost. An intrusion detection system is a widely known security tool. It could either be downloaded from the web as an open-source solution, or be bought as a payment solution. Snort, Bro, and Suricata are three examples of open source network intrusion detection systems. By studying Snort, Bro, and Suricata and comparing them based on the operating system ability, installation, IPv6 support, multi-thread, and much more; companies will know which tool that is suitable to their network.

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