Professional Development of Teaching Staff Members at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Elmehdawi, Rafik (2019-01-17)

As part of the annual plan for professional development and training at the Faculty of Pharmacy for the academic year 2018/2019, the Faculty’s Recruitment and Training Committee has overseen the implementation of a series of workshops during the past three weeks. The workshops have tackled the following topics: writing learning objectives, methods for writing exam questions, and modern methods in teaching and learning. The targets of these workshops are teaching staff members from various specialties at the Faculty of Pharmacy. The teaching staff members were very Keen to attend the workshops and the accompanied trainings and activities. The teaching staff members at Faculty of Pharmacy, have expressed their gratitude to the distinguished lecturer Dr. Rafiq Al Mahdawi who has prepared and implemented the complete series of workshops. They also expressed their gratitude to the Faculty’s administration for providing such a valuable opportunity to develop their academic skills.


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