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  • Higher education in Libya: Challenges and future plans 

    Mustafa M., El-Fakhri; Salma A., Bukhatwa (Libyan International Medical University, 2016-06-30)
    Educational institutions are the principle pillars for establishment of sustainable human development which leads to community progress. Therefore, it is essentially important to develop their infrastructure, programs, ...

    Salma, Bukhatwa; Iman, Elmahdi,; Elzahra, Buzariba,; Hwuida, Maghoud,; Nairouz, Alathram; Asma, Buanz,; Hana, A. Habib; Maryam, Saleh; Amna, Bugrain; Najwa, Mohamed,; Ruwida, Sinini; El Naili, Esra; Nazik, Ali; Abdalla, Elmugassabi; Tamer, Elfaidy,; Samah, Eltyb; Mohamed, Baraka; Moustafa, Mohamed; Ibrahim, Labouta,; Adel, Al-Tawaty; Mustafa ., M. Elfakhri; Mohamed, S. Ambarak, (Faculty of Pharmacy, 2017-07-29)
    Since 2007, Pharmacy Practice has been included in the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) curriculum for 4th Year Pharmacy students. In 2016, with LIMU transition to its first professional Pharmacy degree; ...
  • Prevalence of vitamin d deficiency among overweight and obese Libyan females 

    Helal, Fatima; Faraj, Amira; Kablan, Narges; Elfakhri, Mustafa; Bukhatwa, Salma (Faculty of pharmacy, 2017-11-27)
    Globally, overweight and obesity are the fifth leading contributors to fatalities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), overweight is defined as a body Mass Index (BMI)≥25, whereas obesity is a BMI≥30. There ...
  • Antibiotics Consumption in the Eastern Region of Libya 

    Bukhatwa, Salma; Khalifa, Afia; alfakhri, Mustafa (Faculty of pharmacy, 2019-04-16)
    Drug utilization studies conducted in Libya during the period 1991-2013, have pointed out the irrational use of antibiotics as a common practice that costs the health system more than 7.7 million Libyan Dinars / year. ...
  • The First PharmD Program in Libya 

    Bukhatwa, Salma; Elfakhri, Mustafa (Faculty of Pharmacy, 2019-07-06)