An outpatient electronic health record augmented with ICD-10

Tariq Saad Eldressy, Aynur (2017-08-15)


This document presents an information system designed for the pediatric Out Patient Department (OPD) in Benghazi Medical Centre. This system represent an electronic solutions to some of the problems facing the department, it worked on enhancing the quality of the health services delivery and to ease the work done by both Doctors and receptionist . The previous paper-based system have made it quite difficult to maintain a certain level of quality due to the issues relating to the disadvantages of the systems (paper-based) have in common. We worked to eliminate all the faults by developing an easy to use, error free and medically centered information system. Including the ICD-10 feature inside the system for the first time here in Libya. This enables the doctors and receptionist to electronically store patients medical records and manage them faster and saver.

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